Ewtto prides itself on attracting and retaining a highly effective and efficient workforce that works at our global branches.

Our employees work in branch offices, Product Research and Development Center, Marketing Center, Warehouse and Logistics Distribution Center, Data Center, Administrative and Human Resources Center, and Financial Center. Irtto.com employees are committed to providing customer services for global users.


Product Research and Development Center

  The Product Research and Development Center team dedicates its services by enriching existing product categories and expanding the selection to new product areas at Ewtto. They exercise their professional experience in the quality of the product, the delivery time and the control of the supply process. In addition, the sourcing team also helps classify the item line and product supplier, allowing dealers and distributor to find and discover the competitive product they want to source and purchase through the Ewtto sourcing platform. .


Marketing hub

  The members of Centro de Marketing are committed to promoting international business development, they are groups made up of very dynamic, energetic, persistent and customer-focused young people. His assignment and daily tasks are to establish, improve and maintain business relationships with regional dealers and distributors, his role is seen as his client's business partner and consultant to promote the success of the client's business development through strategic accounting planning and up-to-date marketing information.


Electronic sourcing platform

As an affiliated department of Centro de Marketing, the e-sourcing platform, i.e. the Ewtto Constructive team, is comprised of dynamic young people, designers, photographers, copywriters and web programmers, who drive innovation in the interconnection of the website and the application with the global individual and merchants, dealers and distributors to obtain and find products on the Ewtto anywhere and at the right time.


Warehousing and logistics distribution

Ewtto has established warehousing warehouses in major free trade zones around the world, which will be highly convenient and accessible for global dealers and distributors to purchase the products found on the Ewtto sourcing platform.

The members of the Warehouse and Logistics Distribution Center are passionate, detail-oriented and innovative teams in warehousing, transportation and logistics distribution management, inventory management, and customer services.


Data center and finance

The primary role of FDC's two functions is to help business leaders monitor, analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of business operations at Ewtto; Also, oversee financial health, financial processes and controls, reporting, and accounting practices.

The team members are strictly discreet, prudent, logically rigorous, careful, and insightful in numbers.


Administrative and human resources center

The members of the administrative and human resources center are seen as business partners for the business leader in achieving the goal of attracting, developing and retaining the best and wisest people in the global marketplace, and establishing an organizational culture of "sharing and learn "to support long-term, term professional development for all Ewtto staff.