EWTTO Automatic Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush Sonic Vibration Soft Toothbrush

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Colour: Mint green
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Made in China Magnetic Levitation Electric Toothbrush

1、41,000 vibrations per minute 、 IPX7 waterproof

15 dental cleaning modes 、 2 minute smart timer

75-day battery life 、 US DuPont soft bristles

2 、 Hold on to each and every level

 01 Unstable technology is not used 、 Patented magnetic levitation motor

 02 Unsafe ingredients are not selected 、 American DuPont soft bristles

03 Non-premium materials are not adopted 、 Stainless steel metal shaft

3 、 Fluid cleaning power 、 Deeper on teeth 、 Penetrating cleaning

4 、 Loosen dental plaque 、 Destroy bacterial reproduction 、 Deep cleaning of blind spots

5、100 times better than manual cleaning effect

6 、 Built-in intelligence 、 Develop the scientific habit of tooth brushing

Deeper into teeth 、 Deeper cleaning

a. 30-second timer 、 Divides the mouth cavity into 4 zones

Ensures uniform brushing time in each area

b. 2 minute smart timer

Make sure that every time you brush your teeth, you can reach the time recommended by the dentist

c. smart device memory

Every time you use it, it automatically activates the last-use mode

No manual adjustment required

7 、 Charging method : DC-USB direct charging

     Battery life : Approximately 75 days

    Charging time : Approximately 4 hours

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