EWTTO High-end Gift Box Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush

EwttoSKU: H1-Naranja

Colour: Coral orange
Sale price$79.00


1 、 Have something beautiful 、 Wake up a good mood in every day

2、8 important patented technologies

     36 times optimized and updated

     Persistent in the concept of beauty, but also in quality.

3 、 Update accessories

     A dual-purpose deep cleaning machine

4 、 Brush head upgrade 、 0.01 ultra fine soft bristles

5 、 Quality improvement 、 True magnetic levitation motor

6 、 Brush your teeth every day ≠ Brush your teeth well

     Splendor white brush 、 Whiten your teeth with peace of mind

7 、 A single charge lasts for six months of use

      Give yourself a feeling of total security

8 、 180-day long battery life 、 Full recharge in 4 hours

      2600mAH large capacity

9、5 ways to clean teeth

    Provides 5 teeth cleaning modes for various dental conditions.

    (31,000-41,000 cycles / min)

10 、 Gears : Clean / Powerful / Sensitive / Whitening / Variable Frequency

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