EWTTO Electric Toothbrush and face cleanser

EwttoSKU: G5-A

colour: OCEAN BLUE
Sale price$26.00


1 、 Refresh your charm 、 Start with the teeth --- Electric toothbrush

2 、 Extravagant custom-made design 、 Colorful tricolor

     Say goodbye to dental problems 、 Live confident and happy every day

3 、 Start sweet moments from the teeth 、 Whiten and clean quickly

     your teeth 、 Smile confidently

4 、 Preserving the fragrance 、 Don't worry about love

5 、 Long battery life 、 75 days of battery life on one charge

    ENDURANCE 、 Built-in high-capacity, high-performance lithium battery

    Full capacity for business or pleasure trips

6 、 Quick recharge in about 4 hours 、 75-day battery life

     2 minute smart timer

7、5 modes - I understand each and every mood


   Cleaning mode

   Powerful mode

   Sensitive mode

   Whitening mode

   Frequency conversion mode

8 、 Magnetic levitation motor 、 Waterproof IPX7 grade

     Multi-speed care 、 Dupont soft bristles

    75-day battery life

    Smart memory : 2 minute timer

     30-second zone change : Enhanced dental protection

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