Gaming headset ET-A6817M

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#Gamer headset that identifies location by sound #

#Designed especially for video game lovers

-Powerful bass
-precise positioning
- memory foam sponge
-comfortable use
-fashionable design
-high definition microphone
-Anti-tangle cable
-3.5mm plug

# 40mm surround stereo sound unit #

-Uses a giant 40mm high fidelity speaker unit, powerful bass, restores real sound quality details, provides a wide frequency range, creates an extraordinary and varied sound field, allows you to experience yourself as if you were in the scene of play.

#High resolution, Identify position by sound #

Collaborating with the 40mm surround stereo unit, it enables you to achieve precise positioning through sound when playing game fun. Clearly define which direction the action is coming from and be ready to enter the battlefield at any time.

# Clear positioning, Play your music clearly and perfectly without losing originality #

-Lightweight headphones. comfortable use
-Ppleasant be its prolonged use
-Designed with pressure relief ear pads and thickened headrest cushion
-Easy adaptation and isolates noise
- Pleated artificial simulated fur ear cushions
-Adjustable headrest design
-Telescopic function, headrest free adjustment.

# High definition microphone #
120-degree adjustable microphone picks up sounds with precision
Microphone with long stand adjustable to 120 degree rotation is suitable for conversations. The microphone works with noise reduction, instant conversation, even in noisy situations it can transmit every word accurately.

# Humanized volume adjustment design #
It can be used to adjust the volume. Microphone switch, one-button mute.

# AUX 3.5mm plug #
3.5mm double lined metal plug, good resistance to bending, long service life, compatible with computers, tablets, mobile phones and video game consoles.

-Whether you are in touch with your team to discuss when to start the action, or you are enjoying the sound of games, it leads you to experience the wonder of the world of surround sound.

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