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1 、 Floating between the teeth, cleaning instantly. Smart washing, without much worry. Vigorous and energetic, cleans with a single spray

2 、 Smart and precise 、 Deep cleaning of debris

3 、 IPX7 grade waterproof

      Waterproof all over the body, wash with confidence

4 、 High frequency pulsed water flow technology

      Strong and powerful, instantly clean teeth

     Deep cleaning between the teeth and the blind area of the oral cavity, quickly removes food residues and takes care of the gums

    1890 times / minute 、 Strong water pressure at 30-130 PSI

5 、 0.6mm linear water columns

      Precisely cleans hidden corners and areas between teeth

6、3 modes, select strong or soft mode to your need 

     Pulse mode : Suitable for sensitive use for the first time, massage the gums.

     Gentle mode : Daily cleaning of food residue, keep breath fresh

     Strong mode : Deep cleaning of severe braces, repel dental plaque

7 、 Long battery life for 60 days.

     Travel without worries

     TYPE-C fully charged in 4 hours

8 、 Detachable telescopic design

     180 ml large capacity water tank

     Sufficient water storage to supply a dental cleaning.

9、90s : Clean teeth in 90 seconds , Automatic shutdown in 90 seconds ,

      Avoid dry firing of the machine

10 、 Memorize, turn off 、 Friendly and intelligent

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