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ET-Z2375 epilator

IPL hair removal technology

IPL hair removal technology provides a smooth and efficient irradiation experience

It precisely targets the melanin in the hair follicles and inhibits the regeneration of hair in different parts of the human body in the long term.

Goodbye to repeated waxing

5 speed power settings

50 thousand times laser exposures

CNC intelligence
Static smoothness result in 8 weeks

Avoid tedious operations

Smart sensor

Automatic lighting

Dual mode use

Flashing flash

Applies for underarm or small area hair removal

#Automatic flash #

Applies for waxing large areas on thighs and arms.

5 speed power setting control

Contact light design

Safe contact light design, the flash will only be activated when the unit is pressed against your skin, effectively avoiding misuse

#Note: when using for the first time, it is recommended to test from the first gear, the higher the speed is selected, the better the effect #

Powerful hair removal effect, permanent silky smooth feeling

# Scientific principles of hair removal #

Painless shedding of hypnotic hair follicles

Powerful pulsed IPL photon solves hair problems at the root

The IPL light penetrates deep into the hair roots and the heat energy is absorbed by the melanin.

Melanin disintegrates and hair goes into hibernation

After the hair follicles shrivel, the hair will naturally fall out.

With a super large 5.12 cm2 light emitting area saves time and effort

The most effective and durable high quality quartz lamps.

# Basic product parameters #

Product net weight 355g / Power 30W / 500,000 times of exposure

Power input 100V-240V

Speed adjustment 5 adjustable gears

Rated power range 50HZ-60HZ

Light source Pulsed photons

Hair removal spectrum 550nm-1100nm

Recharging method: by cable

How you use it

01. Generally waxing tools could be used to shave hairs on the surface of your skin, but you should not use depilatory cream (it may cause side effects on the skin).

02. Connect the power supply, turn on the machine, press and hold the power button to power the machine

03. Short press the power button to adjust the light source device suitable for your skin, the darker your skin color, the lower the level to selection

04. Wear the goggles supplied with the product to protect your eyes.

05. Place the product vertically on the area to be epilated, so that the head of the lamp adjusts completely to your skin, and press the flash button to emit a flash

For more details refer to the manual.

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