Laser epilator with flashes 30000 times

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Hair removal and skin beauty
Goodbye to repeated waxing
# Transformation in 8 weeks #

# 300000--500,000 flash exposures #

# 300-500 thousand flashes can provide a full body hair removal for 10 to 15 people #

# LCD display shows actual count #

The number of flashes decreases through use

For a single person it can last up to 10 years

No need to worry about body waxing

#With WPL technology directly access hair follicles #

Delays the repeated growth of hair from its roots

WPL direct hair follicles from the source to slow the hair repeated long
WPL targets hair follicles from the root to slow down repeated hair growth for a long time

# WPL hair removal technology #

#Static smoothness result in 8 weeks #

# There remains less the more you remove it #

#Grow thinner #

#No stubble left #

# weakened photon light #

# WPL hair removal technology #

Ewtto masters WPL hair removal technology

Use a Three-in-One filter

Quartz tube

Filters and integrates ultraviolet rays

Soft and long-lasting effect, slowly controls its growth

Bring you a new comfortable and convenient hair removal experience.

# Lampholder not replaceable #

# 500 thousand flash exposures #

Tightly integrated with the unit
No light leakage
Good effect
-Save on the cost of repeatedly replacing lamp holders

No additional costs

Hair removal effect at the salon level

Transform in 8 weeks, goodbye to repeated process

Provide a safe and effective exposure experience

WPL light waves directly crush melanin in hair follicles

Goodbye to repeated waxing

Periodically repeated uses

You can have long-lasting silky skin.

# Hair removal effect at the beauty salon level #

# Home waxing #

Wider wavelength range

It only destroys the hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin

More comfortable and painless

High relative value quality versus price

Private use of the body hair removal unit is more hygienic

# Goodbye hairs #

With persistence victory is achieved, results after 8 weeks

Note: The data comes from Ewtto laboratory tests, depending on the specific situation the result varies from person to person

Guaranteed hair removal effects

Product parameter

Product weight 0.24 kg

Light source: weakened pulsed light

Product color Ivory

Light radiation energy 1.6-3.2 J-cm3

300,000 exposures

Power speed adjustment 5 gear levels

Light emitting area 3 * 1 cm2

How you use it

01. Generally waxing tools could be used to shave hairs on the surface of your skin, but you should not use depilatory cream (it may cause side effects on the skin).
02. Connect the power supply, turn on the machine, press and hold the power button to power the machine

03. Short press the power button to adjust the light source device suitable for your skin, the darker your skin color, the lower the level to selection

04. Wear the goggles supplied with the product to protect your eyes.

05. Place the product vertically on the area to be epilated, so that the head of the lamp adjusts completely to your skin, and press the flash button to emit a flash

For more details refer to the manual.

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